Hurley Community Development, Inc.

Volunteer Program

The volunteer program runs from March to October, but volunteers can be accepted year-round. College students and church mission groups stay at the community center and do service projects during breaks and summers. Volunteers come to the community to share their stories, skills, and talents while learning and interacting with the local residents. This shared experience builds bridges and dispels stereotypes. Volunteers perform general home repair tasks according to their abilities and desires. They also participate in environmental cleanups and other work in the community. The volunteer program is an opportunity to interact with community members and make a difference! 

Contact Teresa at 276-566-7142 or 276-566-4069 to make arrangements.

Youth Program

We encourage the youth in the area to become involved in the center's activities. Activities include food distribution, the volunteer program, gleaming program, and the Christmas program for children.

Water and Wastewater

We work on water and wastewater issues, focusing on cleaning up streams.

Food Distribution

We operate a food distribution program where we give out food once a month, as well as emergency food boxes.

Christmas Program

We do a Christmas program each year for the children in the community.